Commercial Herd

The commercial herd was established in 2008 when we were finding it too expensive to buy in stores to graze during the summer months. I also thought we could produce better quality animals ourselves than we were able to buy.

The theory was; a good bull across some good cows should produce some good calves.

Initially we purchased 10 pedigree Simmental maiden heifers from a local Simmie breeder and used one of our pedigree Aberdeen Angus bulls across them to produce a strong Angus cross calf.

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Now the herd has grown to 100 calving cows, mostly pedigree Simmentals but also some pedigree Salers and some Saler X Charolais. With an autumn and spring calving herd our bulls are now working for more of the year. This year we used two Ardrossan Admiral sons and two Rawburn Rock Solid sons.

The male progeny are sold through Thame market in the autumn as either 15 month old or 10 month old stores. Because the commercial herd is also high health status the females are generally sold into suckler herds to calve at or around two years old.

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